A Book Without Which…’Writing Picture Books’


Excerpt taken from the blog, Words & Pictures

Continuing our series on transformative books on the shelves of illustrators, Paul Morton gives an appraisal of Ann Whitford Paul’s Writing Picture Books, published by Writer’s Digest Books in 2009

As an illustrator creating picture books I most often ‘see’ the images for a potential story before the words arrive. Sometimes just one dynamic scene materialises or maybe it’s a series of character situations. Then the words come tumbling into the mix and the story unfolds.

Until I joined SCBWI I didn’t fully appreciate the art of writing for children. Since then I’ve been living breathing and studying the creation of picture books and I’ve welcomed any and all help with the craft writing for picture books.

So my bookshelf is creaking with various ‘how-to’ titles. One of the very best in my opinion is Writing with Pictures by Uri Shulewitz. The other book that I have found invaluable is Ann Whitford Paul’s Writing Picture Books.

It describes itself as a ‘Hands-On Guide’ and is so practical with accessible advice that I have read and re-read it and have ended up making handy shorthand A4 crib sheets as aide-memoires. I’ve titled these ‘Picture Book Mantras’ and I keep them posted on my studio wall and have also shared them via crit groups etc…

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