Children’s Literature Association Conference | June 22-24, 2017 | Tampa, FL


Hosted by the University of South Florida
June 22-24, 2017
Tampa, FL
Hilton Tampa Downtown Hotel

Conference Theme: Imagined Futures
Come one, come all, to ChLA 2017 in Tampa!When visitors think of Florida, they imagine Disney World, beaches, vacations, and, ultimately, retirement – visions that hardly mesh with the realities of life in a state that boasts yearly invasions of pirates, snowbirds, and abnormally large bugs. In addition to the bifurcated space between perception and reality, Florida is also a tale of two coasts: the Suncoast and the Spacecoast, the fantastic and the historic, the fictional and nonfictional, the utopic and dystopic. Past and present sit side by side, and the futures in Florida require careful navigation of perception, reality, and the distance between the two.Drawing heavily on the lessons offered by Florida, the 2017 Children’s Literature Association Annual Conference will explore the many possible futures to be found in, through, and for children’s literature. We invite papers that explore the futures presented to children across a wide range of media, both print and electronic, and time periods.In honor of Florida’s circus, carnival, and theme park traditions, and in recognition of Tampa’s founding by Cuban, Spanish, Italian, and Jewish immigrants on Seminole tribal land, we invite papers that explore the futures in and of children’s literature through:

  • Travel, traveling, and travelers
  • Travelers, pirates, sideshows, and the grotesque
  • Magic, circuses, and carnival
  • Misfits and the magical
  • Celebration and discrimination

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